Next to the Potrero Grande farmhouse (less than a minute walk) there is the Casale di Martignano bio-restaurant, with fresh, organic food and a beautiful lawn beach with sailboats, canoes and pedal boats for hire. Sunset drinks and Italian aperitivo are also available during Summer. This magical place is perfect for receptions and special occasions.

  • Casale di Martignano sul lago
    (less than a minute walk! Excellent selection of products from their own farm),
    tel. +39 06 99802004
  • Ristorante il Baccanale
    (towards Campagnano – about 4 km, meat and typical Roman dishes)
    tel. +39 06 9041380
  • Osteria del Borgo a Cesano
    (Borgo di Sopra, 21 Cesano – about 6 km, homemade pappardelle, red meat, game and garden vegetables)
    tel. +39 06 30430023
  • Ristorante L’Invito
    (Via dell’Ente, 27 Formello – about 10 km, excellent fish dishes)
    tel. +39 06 9089420
  • Osteria Iotto
    (Campagnano – about 8 km, great slow food presidium with organic wines)
    tel. +39 06 9041746
Ristorante Il Casale di Martignano
Ristorante Iotto a Campagnano di Roma


The nearest ones are COOP in Campagnano, PAM and TUODI’ at Le Rughe Centro Commerciale, where you will also find pharmacy, baker, organic vegetables and fruits, tobacconist and newsagent.

For any further information or inquiries contact Livia at +39.3393870852.