Lake Martignano in Rome, Italy

Martignano is a lake in an unspoiled natural park north of Rome. It sits in an extinct volcanic crater and the surrounding landscape consists mainly of farmlands, open fields and a lush wild forest. The lake was known by the ancient Romans as Alsietinus and from its north side ran the eponymous aqueduct, the earliest in the region, built by Emperor Augustus to supply the massive amounts of water needed for the reenactment of naval battles in Rome-Trastevere. Bathing is not only permitted, but also a wonderful swimming experience for adults and kids, and horseback ridingsailing and mountain biking are the main outdoor activities on offer.

Here you will be captivated by the wonder of nature all around you. The luxuriant surrounding forests of Lakes Martignano and Bracciano, comprised of Ilex, Oaks, Chestnut and Manna Ash trees are home to a wide variety of mammals and birds of prey that nest there, such as the Tawny Nibbio, the Goshawk, the Buzzard, the Kestrel, as well as several species of nocturnal birds, such as the Barn Owl, the Eagle Owl, the Tawny Owl and the Horned Owl.

Close to Lake Martignano, those with an interest in ancient Roman history can also find archaeological sites of great historical significance, such as the villages of Sutri and Calcata.

The area also offers excellent options for guests who play golf, as it is situated just a few minutes away from two of the top courses in Italy, the splendid Olgiata Golf Club and the challenging Golf Nazionale in Sutri and also terre dei Consoli Golf.

  • Shore lenght: 6 km (3.7 mi)
  • Max lenght: 2.015 km (1.252 mi)
  • Max depth: 60 mt (200 ft)
  • Max width: 1.545 km (0.90 mi)
  • Surface elevation: 305 mt (1.001 ft)